NevinAvenue has many years of experience in the heavy truck industry in the areas of data collection and analysis, product development, and strategy implementation.  If you are a truck fleet trying to improve your fuel efficiency or a supplier trying to understand the market, NevinAvenue has the expertise to help.

For several years, Yunsu Park of NevinAvenue has worked with the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), a non-profit dedicated to helping the line-haul trucking industry increase its fuel efficiency through the adoption of available fuel-saving technologies.  NevinAvenue has led several studies for NACFE and most recently was deeply involved in the data collection and analysis for Run on Less, a demonstration of real trucks achieving 9+ MPG while hauling real freight across North America.  




NevinAvenue specializes in collecting and analyzing data to improve efficiencies for the heavy truck industry. Many organizations have much more data than they are effectively using.  As an example, fleets pay for telematics systems that can transmit hundreds of data points every day to help optimize their operation that are not being used.  NevinAvenue can develop applications that put that data to work for you.


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Pieces of the Puzzle

There is lots of data out there - maybe too much.  How can it be put to better use?  NevinAvenue specializes in building applications that pull data from many sources to create actionable information.  Whether you want to improve driver efficiency or determine the profitability of a route, information helps you make effective and profitable decisions.

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Finance Consultancy


Leveraging Knowledge

Data costs money.  Many organizations collect and store data without getting a return on the investment. NevinAvenue can help in a one-time analysis or the development of new tools to drive better decisions.

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Implementation Planning

Product Planning

Expert Guidance

Introducing new products to this industry can be particularly demanding. NevinAvenue develops strategies and detailed plans needed to ​bring new products and services to the heavy truck industry.

  • Market Analysis

  • Customer Feedback

  • Product Development

  • Cost Analysis

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Do you need help leveraging resources you are already paying for and not fully using? Contact NevinAvenue today and start to earn a better return on your investments.

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